Vishal-Shekhar, Actress Meghna Patel, PlayBoy Girl Shanti Dynamite, Tanuj Virwani, Aditya Seal and Izabelle Leite at Cultural Festival of Rajiv Gandhi College

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College cultural events are some of the most happening events in the city. As vibrant as the city is, the college festivals of Mumbai too are vibrant, where highly energetic students bringing youth under the same platform, enhance social interaction and facilitate exchange of cultural ideas and thoughts. The Cultural Festival of Rajiv Gandhi College is a prism, where college students find an array of events and activities to participate in like fashion shows, Bollywood dance, folk opera, ultra violet dance event, film making and many more. First Indian Playboy Girl Shanti Dynamite and Actress Meghna Patel were seen having fun at College festival where Vishal and Shekhar setting the stage on fire. Actress Meghna Patel said, “It was a memorable festival at Rajiv Gandhi College. Students were so energetic and creative. I wish them all luck.” Purani Jeans star cast performed in front of a packed audience and wish everyone all the best for their Future. Tanuj Virmani said, “It was an awesome experience to be the part of this wonderful festival it’s reminds me of my college days.” The Rajiv Gandhi festival boasts unique creativity, passion and vibrancy.

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Shanti Dynamite shared her views she said, “The Rajiv Gandhi explores a whole new culture I wish that this festival celebrated with great ‘clat worldwide. I enjoy it very much.”

Zodiac, a Cultural Festival being organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology (RGIT) is a leading institution established in Mumbai, with the aim of promoting research oriented advanced courses in the field of engineering. It is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. This highly popular and respected event is attended by a host of colleges from all over Mumbai. Over 15,000 students have participated in the different activities of the festival.

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