Guess who’s getting bodyguards from Salman Khan?

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Mumbai: Other than part of being usual court controversies, actor Salman Khan is largely known for his heart of gold.

The actor who has always wished and done well for the people he adores, has yet again come out to rescue a ‘dear friend’.

Elli Avram, who was part of Bigg Boss season 7 and will be seen in ‘Housefull 3’, recently received a team of bodyguards from none other than the mighty bodyguard Sallu itself. However, it is also known that once you get into the good books of the actor then there’s no looking back, wonder if it’s the other way around!

While Salman has always been fond of Elli and made arrangements for her to stay in his farmhouse after the BB show was wrapped up. We also hear there are no sparks flying between the two.

Now isn’t that called being human?

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