Jiah Khan fell for the wrong guy: Mother

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MUMBAI: Actor Jiah Khan’s family has finally broken thier silence. The entire family denied reports of Jiah ‘s depression that led to her suicide. Her mother Rabia Khan told TOI on Friday, “Reports that my daughter was depressed because of work is all rubbish. She was fine, she was sincere, pure and not manipulative at all. She could not stand lies.”

The family also denied reports of trace of alcohol and anti depressant pills in Jiah’s stomach. Sister Karisma rubbished it saying, “The autopsy report is clear and you can check for yourself. She was clean and not on any medication.”

Both the sisters Karisma and Kavita describe Jiah as a hopeless romantic. Karisma said, “For it was love that came first and work later. It is sad that the person she confided in and was looking for approval only broke her self esteem.”

Rabia adds, “Deception and lies from the only one she loved the most. I am not being revengeful but telling the truth she fell for a wrong guy.”

Jiah’s mother Rabia did not approve of Aditya Pancholi family’s presence at the residence on the day of the funeral. Karisma said, “My mother didnt want them then at least they could’ve reached out to her sisters and if Suraj really cared he could helped us in the various rituals that not taking place. He should’ve been here with us and not hiding in guilt somewhere.”

The sisters didnt approve of Jiah’s relationship with Aditya’s son Suraj. Both said,“Jiah was not happy in her relationship.” Rabia a couple of days before Jiah passed away had messaged Suraj asking him to stay away from her daughter.

Kavita who landed in Mumbai on the night Jiah committed suicide said, “She was very happy she even told me she got a film and that I should not tell mother since she wanted to break the news to her. We spoke for hours and before I took of from London we kept sending each other smileys. She was very happy. All this stories about depression is utter rubbish.” Karisma adds, “we would’ve known if she was depressed she was really happy. We are a very close family.”

The family expected Suraj to come and tell the truth of what really happened that night what forced her to take her life. Karisma said, “Did the police only found three messages? I am sure something mean must have been told to her for her to take that drastic step. There were six missed calls from Suraj after she passed way.”

Asked if Rabia intends to take any action, she said, nothing will make a difference.

The family will be hold a condolence meeting at Vile Parle Medical Club at Juhu on Saturday evening at 6.30pm.


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