Katrina clings on to Ranbir Kapoor at his birthday bash

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ranbir katrina

Mumbai: Katrina Kaif was in ‘high spirits’ at boyfriend Ranbir’s birthday bash.

The actress, who had just flown back from a promotional city tour, obviously looked very tired.

But that didn’t stop her from letting her hair down and enjoying the cosy company that comprised of Ranbir’s good friends, Ayan Mukerji and Alia Bhatt.

However, it looked like Kat was not too happy with Alia’s presence.

Now Alia has made no bones about her fondness for Ranbir and there were cold vibes between the two.

Apparently, Kat even got clingy and held on to Ranbir all through the evening.

Poor Alia had no choice but to pretend everything was fine.

The fact that she is young, pretty and successful is sure giving her seniors like Kat and Bebo sleepless nights.

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