Gauri likes a colourful SRK

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SharukhMrs Khan wanted to see the rough cuts of his next film and was amused to see him in his colourful lungi. Speculations be damned. When it comes to Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri is still the boss. And she made it clear in no uncertain terms, when she showed interest in SRK’s Chennai Express. Not only did she ask to be shown the rough cut of the Rohit Shetty directorial, she also wanted to see the rough cuts of the first promos. And she is well within her rights to do so – both as the co-producer of the film and as SRK’s wife.

Gauri has a great knowledge of filmmaking, and gives her inputs for marketing a film effectively. In fact, she had identified Amrita Rao for Main Hoon Na and told Shah Rukh to audition her.”  Recently Gauri asked Rohit, now that the unit had more than 40 days of shooting done, if the ‘footage had been aligned.’ Her wish was the unit’s command and the footage was dumped on the Mumbai server from Wai, where the film has been shot extensively. Gauri was shown the rough cuts at the Red Chillies office, and we hear Mrs Khan has liked what she has seen so far.

“She liked Deepika’s look in the film, and had some very specific comments about Shah Rukh as well,” says the source, adding, “She said he looked colourful, vibrant, and was most amused with his lungi-clad look.”  There is buzz about SRK’s role in Chennai Express, and Gauri has been curious to see for herself what Rohit has done to give the star and her husband the much needed shot in his arm.

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