One shouldn’t marry the first person he or she is intimate with, says Soha Ali Khan

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SohaIn a session titled Raaz of Relations: Commitment in the Time of Casual Love, Bollywood actors Kunaal Roy Kapur and Soha Ali Khan shared the dais talking about the emotional dynamics of modern day relationships. The duo shared their stories, views focusing especially on the topic.

“Young people are basically scared of relationships and commitments. They are looking at casual life and permanency is too much to handle for them. One should not marry the first person he or she is ‘intimate with’,” said Soha Ali Khan.

She said that people engaged in casual relationships only skimming on the surface. But creative persons especially have to be at the deep end of the pool. “Try to be yourself. Do not imitate anyone and don’t be scared of commitments because all relations have ups and downs, fights and stuff. It is all part of a successful relationship,” said the Bollywood star.

Advocating both casual relationships and the values of traditional relationship that culminate in marriage, Kunaal Roy Kapur said: “In long term relationships, you get to see the person change and mould to different situations. Different people have different choices and different opinions.”

He said it’s absolutely okay if one wants to be with different people at different times. “Society should let people do what they want to. Casual relationships are quite okay with me as well,” Kunaal Roy Kapur said. He said marriage is more important for people who are committed to each other. “Commitment is more important for the people who are getting married rather than the rituals,” the actor said. The duo also participated in a quick ‘Q and A’ session with the young folks gathered at the Summit joining in.

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