No difference between a prince and a citizen: Saudi King

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Saudi KingIn an implicit warning against ignoring Saudis in trouble abroad, King Abdullah told the Gulf Kingdom’s diplomats they must support their people, saying there is no difference between a prince and a normal citizen. The Monarch made the remark when he received a number of new ambassadors appointed in other countries at his palace in the capital Riyadh.

“It is your duty to serve any Saudi who faces trouble or any other case,” the 85-year-old King said, quoted by the official press agency SPA. “You must attend to their problems at once….you and all of us must be at the service of the Saudi people…you must keep in mind all Saudis because there is no difference between a prince, a minister or any other citizen…you are responsible before this people and any failure will be answerable to God the Almighty and to me.”

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