Runaway lovers locked up by UAE court

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RakThe Arab couple from Ras Al Khaimah have been jailed

A teenage girl who ran away from her home with the help of a boy she met via BlackBerry Messenger has been jailed for having an affair. Ras Al Khaimah Criminal Court sentenced the 16-year-old Arab and her boyfriend, 18, to three months each in jail followed by deportation after they were found guilty of an illicit relationship.

Court records show that the girl ran away from home in RAK after her mum allegedly beat her up.  The girl told the court that she met the Arab boy through BlackBerry Messenger and that their relationship grew after she chatted with him on many occasions.

She said that her mum attacked her when she discovered the relationship and also threatened more violence, which prompted the girl to run away from home. Prosecutors said the girl’s mother contacted RAK Police two weeks after the girl left home. The boy said he had arranged for her to stay at a friend’s house because he lived with his family. He said he was just helping the girl after she ran away from her parents. The boy’s lawyer said he would appeal the verdict, arguing that criminal law does not apply to the youngster as he was below 18 at the time he was allegedly involved in that affair.( 7 Days)

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