Oman to boost to bilateral ties with Germany

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Oman - GermanyMUSCAT — Oman and Germany, held official talks yesterday focussing focused on the excellent bilateral relations, which will be witnessing a further boost in the near future. The Omani side was headed by Dr Yahya bin Mahoudh al Mantheri and the German side by Norbert Lammert, President of the German Parliament. Dr Mantheri underlined that German-Omani relations have been having a solid base of friendship and co-operation, in the political, economic and cultural fields, with bright perspectives for the future and receives complete support from the leadership of both nations, which has consequently led to the significant growth in co-operation in various arenas, including political, economic and that parliamentary co-operation has been enabled by exchange visits.

Appreciating the Sultanate’s policy of open policy to international trade and business, it today represents a nation formed at a crossroads of many civilisations allowing the people global exposure and as they enjoy security and stability at the domestic level with strengthened political development, especially after post-granting of legislative and regulatory powers to the Oman Council, and the independence of the judiciary, which has positively impacted the national participation in various development fields.

Dr Mantheri, commended the high level of co-operation between the Sultanate and Germany in the field of education, and added that more than 206 Omani students are presently pursing their academics in various educational institutions in Germany which is a major boost for the cultural exchange between the two countries. He said, that the Sultanate’s German language programmes conducted by local institutes strengthen cultural co-operation, especially since the German University located in Oman conducts programmes in important disciplines.

The Majlis Addawla Chairman also underlined Sultanates partnership with Germany in the economic field, stating that Sultanate is considered as a viable tourist destination and that it can benefit from Germany’s successful experiences in this area, and would identify training opportunities for Omani youth to promote programs to run small and medium enterprises as today Oman expects them to play a vital role in contributing towards national economy in the future.

Norbert Lammert expresesed his appreciation with regard to the visit noting that strong relations between the two countries strong relations dating back to the seventies, encompasses co-operation in various fields. He further added that the parliamentary relations are strengthened by mutual visits, which provides an opportunity to exchange experiences.

He stressed that Germany is seeking to cooperate with parliaments and the Sultanate also follows the same ideology which is based on political openness, enabling its Parliament to contribute to the political decision-making and development. He applauded Oman’s stability and prosperity and multifaceted developmental growth, which has earned it international respect and global acclaim. The joint session included the Vice-Chairmen of Majlis Addawla, and Dr Khalid bin Salim al Saeedi, Secretary General, Majlis Addawla.

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