Girl, 3, has mystery illness that is turning her into ‘stone’

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Beatrice 1A GIRL of three is suffering from a mystery illness that will turn her into a living statue. Beatrice Naso was born healthy but her parents noticed she started looking stiff when she was around seven months old. When her mum gently massaged her wrist it BROKE.

Doctors examined Beatrice and found her body is calcifying the soft tissue of her bones – effectively turning her into stone. They are appealing to fellow medics worldwide to see if they can find a cure for the toddler from Turin, Italy. Beatrice’s mum Stefania said: “Doctors at the hospital are doing their best but we’re desperate to find someone that can help or even another family who have a child with the same condition so they can help us cope with the situation.Beatrice

“Doctors have told us that it’s a genetic anomaly which they’ve never seen before. It calcifies everything surrounding the joints. “I had a completely normal pregnancy and there was no sign that anything was wrong. “During the first few months of her life though she started to look a little more stiff than other babies and she couldn’t open her hands.

“Initial exams didn’t bring up any problems though so we weren’t scared. “It was only at seven months old when I was massaging her after a bath that I broke her wrist and realised something was really wrong. “Doctors then did an X-ray of her entire body and discovered the strange calcifications. “The illness will just keep getting worse. Sooner or later she will be completely unable to move and she won’t even be able to breathe anymore.

“We are now trying to find a new house where it will be easier to move Beatrice around. “We could sell our current house but we will have to repay the mortgage and that will leave us with no money to invest in somewhere new.”

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