A real millionaire’s playground: The £250 million Monaco penthouse

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Penthouse Flat Monaco.1Europe may be suffering from a severe financial crisis and recession, but for the continent’s super-rich the party seems never to have stopped.

Penthouse Flat MonacoAnd one lucky multi-millionaire will soon get to enjoy this five-floor penthouse with a giant infinity pool and its own slide overlooking the Mediterranean. The luxury flat at the top of a new skyscraper in Monaco will set its owner back around £256million.

The multi-storey penthouse is located in Tour Odéon, a 560ft tower which will be the Mediterranean coastline’s second tallest building when it is completed next year. As well as being equipped with a health centre, multiple swimming pools and an in-house caterer, the building will offer its residents a 24/7 concierge service and a private chauffeur.

Penthouse Flat Monaco.2But the penthouse is set to stand out even in the midst of such extreme luxury, with its slide which descends from the balcony into the infinity pool making it a veritable millionaire’s playground. Tour Odéon, with its 70 super-sized flats, is the first new skyscraper to have been built in Monaco since the 1980s.

Penthouse Flat Monaco.3Prince Rainier, who was then the country’s ruler, decided to half the construction of tall buildings on the shoreline over worries they were destroying the principality’s character. But in 2009 his son and successor Albert reversed that decision and greenlit the Tour Odéon project.

Penthouse Flat Monaco.4While its construction has not been halted by the global recession, Europe’s economic troubles do seem to have affected the take-up of flats in the building, with just 18 having been sold so far. And the tower has also been controversial among residents of Beausoleil, a neighbouring town on the other side of the border with France, who complain that it has ruined their views.

James Price from Knight Frank, which is handling the sale of flats in Tour Odéon, said: ‘These duplexes and the penthouse are set to catch the eye of those looking for the very best properties across the world’s leading markets.’ (DM)

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