Sharjah approves construction of pedestrian bridge over Ittihad Road

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Photo 4Three pedestrian bridges costing Dh11 million to be built in an attempt to cut road deaths

Sharjah: Sharjah Public Works Department, in an attempt to reduce pedestrian deaths, approved the construction of three pedestrian bridges at a cost of Dh 11 million.

The first bridge will be constructed next to Ansar Mall on Ittihad Road, linking Mamzar and Al Nahda. The second bridge will be over King Abdul Aziz Street between Bu Danig and Abu Shaghara next to the petrol station, while the third bridge will be built over King Faisal road between Majaz 1 and Abu Shaghara, near HSBC bank. The project is in line with the department’s keenness to provide all elements for a safe infrastructure in the emirate. Mohsin Balwan, head of the traffic engineering department at the Public Works Department, said the project was approved following many traffic studies and statistics on the movement of pedestrians.

“The department gives great importance to traffic safety on all roads, which is highlighted in the number of awareness campaigns that were launched, as well as building fences to prevent pedestrians from crossing dangerous roads. The department has also completed pedestrian bridges, as well as speed bumps in various residential areas,” said Balwan. “Our cooperation with Sharjah Police has helped enhance safety and security on the roads,” he added.

The department called on the public to use pedestrian bridges and tunnels when crossing roads. It also urged motorists to abide by set speed limits, and to slow down when approaching pedestrian crossings. (GN)

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