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    Harish Kodi

    A Salute to the Great man…Indian History has note seen ever!

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    Ananda Salian

    We kannadigas really feel proud about his activities. I really hats off to him. Remembering such people and publishing such nobleness is really worth. I salute from bottom of my heart.

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    s k muthanna

    BK Ganesh Rai! Your coverage of the legend is exquisite, matchless and highly gratifying. No exaggeration, I , though closely related him, did not know many facts and aspects of FMC as my perspectives were biased. Need I say hats off to u Games Rai??!!!

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    It is really proud to know about Field Marshal. K.M.Kariappa. Many thanks to Mr.Ganesh Rai for this article. We are waiting to know more about famous personalities in the future writeups.

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    Naveen Sequeira

    Very good article by Ganesh Rai… I already knew many things about one of my great hero. But still i really enjoyed reading it with so many detail information and photos…. Thanks to Ganesh Rai for such a wonderful article…

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    Basuma kodgau

    Great work. By publishing this article you did a great job. It is a privilege to a Indian.

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