Sudeep – Ravichandran Combination On Silver Screen Again

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Sandalwood superstar Kichcha Sudeep delivered his biggest blockbuster this year with Maanikya. One of the biggest highlight of the movie was the combination of Crazy star Ravichandran and Sudeep as father and son in the movie. The viewers appreciated Ravichandran in a matured role that he portrayed in Maanikya.

The latest news is that the successful combination of Sudeep and Ravichandran will be back on for a new movie. This time the movie will be directed by the crazy star himself. This is a new attempt by the star, wherein he will play the role of a 60 year old man, who falls in love in with an eighteen year old girl.

Sudeep will be the narrator for this movie. The sources say that Sudeep’s narration will be done in a very different and unique way for this movie. Does that mean that Sudeep will be seen on the screen? Well, no such clarification is available as of now. But the news of the two stars working in the movie seems to be confirmed.

Maanikya’s success is mainly attributed to the combination of Sudeep and Ravichandran. The two actors complemented each other very well and their chemistry as father and son was spectacular. We hope that this combination will again set be successful in the new venture.

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