Murder of old lady at Manoor: Cops held three, stolen gold recovered.

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Kundapur, August 26: On Tuesday August 26th, the police have arrested three persons in connection to the murder of a home-alone elderly woman Girijamma Urala (84) at Manoor and seized the gold they had stolen.


They are identified as Nithin Achari (24) the prime accused who is a resident of Manoor, Praveen K V (25) of Kumbashi and Sanketh Gudigar (17) of Vakwady. First the Brahmavar police arrested Nithin and based on information provided by him during investigation, the other two accused were nabbed from Kumbashi.


Girijamma, wife of Radhakrishna Urala, was residing near Mahalingeshwara Temple in Manoor was murdered on August 20th Wednesday night. The incident came to light the next day.

Late on Wednesday night, noticing that Girijamma was all alone in the house, prime accused Nithin, who was familiar to her, planned to rob her. He contacted his friends Sanketh and Praveen and told them of his plan and described the entire scene of the victim’s house to them. As per Nithin’s plan, Praveen removed the tiles of the roof and gained entry into the house and opened the front door to let Sanketh in.


Girijamma woke up meanwhile and began to scream on seeing the intruders. The accused Praveen then grabbed a piece of cloth and covering her face with it, he held on to her so that she could not move. Sanketh looted all the gold that was in the house. The accused strangled Girijamma to death and snatched away the gold earrings and chain she was wearing, causing wounds on her earlobes in the process. All the while, Nithin stayed outside the house and kept a watch giving instructions to the other two, revealed the police.


Girijamma had been residing all alone in the same house for the past 25 years after her husband’s death. On Wednesday, she was supposed to go to Hassan for a wedding and had kept her gold ornaments ready for it in the cupboard. However, she fell ill the same day and could not travel to Hassan as planned. On Thursday August 21st morning, when her neighbour came to give her milk, she found Girijamma dead.


Nithin had earlier been involved in ganja peddling cases and other cases in Kundapur police limits. He was even jailed in Hiriadka, where he came in contact with some other criminals. After releasing from jail, he told a few persons of his contacts in prison and offered to do any underhand job for them. Nithin learnt of Girijamma’s plans to attend the wedding, the cancellation due to her ill health and the fact that she had gold ornaments with her. He then conspired to loot her.

The gold ornaments stolen from her were pawned by the accused at S K Goldsmith in Koteshwar and also at Kundapur’s Manappuram Gold. The police recovered the stolen gold weighing 31 grams, worth Rs 78,000, from both these places. It is said that some more gold amounting to Rs one lakh has been pledged in other places and the police are trying to recover it. The deceased woman was also in possession of 46 cents of land valued at over a crore.

When the case was learnt to be a murder , the police worked in three teams and succeeded in nabbing the accused. The accused were produced before the media on Tuesday August 26th, in a press meet addressed by SP Rajendra Prasad, the above details of the case were revealed. All the three accused were produced in court and detained under judicial custody.

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