Udupi: Wonders of Western Ghats; Photography competition on wild animals

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Udupi;Sept 15: As a part of “ 59th wild animals seven day celebrations”(Vanyajeevi Sapthaha) a photography competition under the caption” miracles of western Ghats” will be organized by Forest department’s Kuduremukh’s wild animals division.

The participants, those who are interested to take part in the contest should send  both hard and soft copies 30×20 cm photographies of western Ghat’s wild animals with their details and senders self details to competition. One can send any number of photographies for the competition.

 Photographies for competition should be sent to deputy forest conservator, Kuduremukh wild animal’s department, Karkala before Sept 26.Winners will be rewarded with cash money.

For further information contact on landline number-08258-

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