Suspected property dispute leads to attack on driver of MCC officer

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Mangalore, July 20: It has been reported in the city that in an alleged attempt to murder, the driver of an MCC officer was attacked by a gang of four people at Lady hill on July 20, Saturday. The property dispute believed to be the reason behind the attack.


According to the sources, When Victim Rahit Hoigebail,aged 30 was on his way to pick up MCC officer, gang of four people who came in their bikes waylaided Rohit and attacked him mercilessly with sharp weapons.In the process, Rohit who sustained injuries in his neck and hands, has been immediately admitted in private hospital at Mannagudda.

Before large crowd gathered at the place, the assailants fled from the place of attack and efforts to trap them went in vain. But Rohit has identified one of the attackers as Shailesh, who had already has a criminal record. It is suspected that people who wanted to eliminate Rohit, might have sought the help of Shailesh.

As per the sources, property dispute in the family might have been the reason behind the attack.

Rohit said in his statement that he had been expecting an attack for the past four days as he had seen the gang following him and on July 20, Saturday morning too he had seen the them following him when he went to pick up the MCC official, he said.

Barke police are investigating the case.

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