Teacher forcibly cuts hair of girls

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NIZAMABAD: A government school teacher forcibly cut the hair of three girl students at Kamareddy on Wednesday as part of efforts to ‘discipline’ them. After this angry parents and students staged a protest at the high school in the Gunj area of Kamareddy town demanding action against the teacher.

Sources said that Datha Bai, a lady teacher, working as school assistant at the government high school insisted that girls should have two side plaits. Some students have been coming to school with just a single plait. The irritated teacher cut the hair of one M. Manasa, a Class VIII student.

Shocked at this, the girl immediately rushed home and complained to her parents. Satyam, the father of Manasa and others came to the school and staged a protest against the teacher. He said that they had been growing the hair of their daughter as Mokku (vow) for God. “It is sentimental for us. How dare the teacher cut the hair of our girl?” he asked.

Sensing trouble, the teacher was confined to a classroom and she started crying seeing the protest by parents. It was also found that the teacher had cut the hair of two other students, Rekha and Prasanna, also.

Headmaster Bhargav managed to pacify the parents and apologised on behalf of the teacher to the parents. No written complaint was filed against the teacher by the parents with the police or education department officials.

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