Modi uses ‘bodyline’ tactics like Jardine: Jairam

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RAMESHNew Delhi, September 11; A day after Narendra Modi targeted Gandhi family, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh on Wednesday hit back comparing the Gujarat Chief Minister with controversial English cricketer Douglas Jardine who used “bodyline” tactics against Australian batsmen to intimidate them.

“Mr Modi after Douglas Jardine…Mr Modi is a practioner of bodyline and you know what Bill Woodfull said when bodyline was taking place, he said there are two teams out there and one of them is not playing cricket.

“The abrasive and the abusive manner in which he (Modi) carries on a campaign…we do not want to follow in the same category but at the same time he is a political reality,” Mr. Ramesh said.

Douglas Robert Jardine, a right-handed batsman, is best known for captaining the English team during the 1932-33 Ashes tour of Australia.

During that series, England employed ‘bodyline’ tactics against the Australian batsmen, wherein bowlers pitched the ball short on the line of leg stump to rise towards the bodies of the batsmen in a manner that most contemporary players and critics viewed as intimidatory and physically dangerous.

Mr. Ramesh’s comments came a day after Mr. Modi attacked Congress on corruption saying, “A for Adarsh Ghotala, B for Bofors Ghotala, C for Coal ghotala, D for Damad ka ghotala (corruption)…this is the new ABCD…which the Congress adopted to introduce a new book of alphabets for children.”

Mr. Ramesh, a Congress strategist, also dismissed suggestions that the 2014 general elections would be a battle between Mr. Modi and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.

Mr. Ramesh said the style of working of Mr. Rahul Gandhi is different from Mr. Modi as the Congress vice-president keeps a low profile. “He is not like Modi to keep chest thumping,” he said.

“Modi only keeps talking about himself. I, I, I, me, me, me. I am your Alibaba. I am the guy who got your ‘Jaddu ki Chadi’ (Magic wand),” he said about the BJP leader.

“Mr. Gandhi’s style is different than Mr. Modi. He is low key…his style is more conceptual. Do not mistake his low key as reluctant style. He is doing things on ground,” Mr. Ramesh said.

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