RSS’ workers conclave begins in Ahmedabad

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Ahmedabad: A three-day workers conclave of RSS started in Kathwada area in Ahmedabad on Friday. Senior leader Suresh Soni inaugurated the conclave (Karyakarta Shibir), in which around 25,000 RSS workers are taking part, state RSS functionary said. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat will address the conclave on Sunday.

Soni, in his speech, said the Indian culture had solutions for all the major global problems. India had a system that can deal with challenges such as global terrorism, global recession and global warming, he said. The belief that “my god is best and my ways are the best” give birth to intolerance, which leads to harassment of not only those from other religions but even the co-religionists, Soni said, citing the example of civil war in Iraq and Syria.

India can help the world deal with terrorism with its philosophy and attitude, he said. The Indian culture of austerity can be a solution to global economic problems, Soni said. Similarly, our culture which treats Earth as the mother can become the solution to the global warming, he added.

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