26-year-old woman in Hyderabad contracts swine flu

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Hyderabad: A 26-year-old woman from ECIL has been diagnosed with swine flu. The patient is currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in ECIL.

She got admitted to the hospital with very high fever that had not subsided despite her taking antibiotics. As a result, her samples were sent for testing by the doctors. The patient and her family members do not have any recent travel history within the country or even outside the state.

Government officers have now been told to not give Proflax tablets to healthy people as it will end up causing resistance to the virus. Therefore, district medical and health officer of Ranga Reddy went and counselled the family members of the patient on precautionary measures.

Dr Subhakar K., a senior chest physician, said, “Swine flu is now a part of the seasonal flu virus and if treatment is sought on time, then there may be no complications. Patients and their family members must comply with the advice given by the health workers.

Family members must wear a  mask when they are close to the patient and wash their hands frequently. Patients should also not sneeze or cough by covering their mouth with their hands, because  the virus can get transferred to other surfaces. They must use a handkerchief. These tips will help to control the spread of the virus.”

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