Bigg Boss 8: Was Salman Khan’s anger on Karishma Tanna justified?

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Salman Khan is known to be a temperamental person on screen as well as off screen. While he can be one of the most amiable person when he’s in a jovial mood, he can also be a bad guy when in a foul temper.

The Bigg Boss audience has witnessed both these shades of his nature and previous seasons have also seen Salman losing his cool with contestants. From Sapna Bhavnani to Gauahar Khan, Siddharth Bhardwaj to Imam Siddique, many contestants have faced the Dabangg Khan’s wrath in person.

In last week’s episode, Salman started picking on Karishma Tanna by playfully linking Pritam Singh with her. This did not go down well with the actress and she started crying, which in turn infuriated Salman. So much so that he just walked out of the show mid-way, only to be calmed and cajoled to come back and finish the shoot. But when he came back, he made sure he lambasted Karishma Tanna for her reaction.

While Tanna said that she had started crying because it had already been a heavy day for her and that it was not directed towards him, Salman continued to berate her. When Tanna’s good friend Upen Patel tried to stand up for her, Salman asked him to ‘shut up’. This definitely did not go down well with the two, who later discussed that they were being picked on.

In the past, members of the audience have believed that Salman has a personal bias against certain contestants each season. If it was Tanisha Mukherjee last time, it is Ali Quli Mirza this time. A few weeks earlier, when Ali was slapped by Sonali Raut for passing distasteful comments, although Salman reprimanded Ali, he also made a mockery of the incident.

Similarly, in Karishma’s case, many viewers have felt disappointed with Salman’s behaviour and many have condemned the incident on Twitter. While some call Salman’s act just a poor use of power as a superstar, others have spoken about how Karishma just over reacted in the entire situation.

Both points are worth pondering upon. While Karishma doesn’t seem to have any qualms linking Dimpy Mahajan and Ali together, she is uncomfortable when the tables are turned on her. Many people who watch the show also find the actress selfish and self-centred and say that her attitude towards the game has been negative from the first day.

Similarly, Salman has time and again taken some really wrong stands on the show. At a time when India is dealing with cases of violence and physical abuse of women, Salman as a national icon should not have joked about something that was obviously making the contestant uncomfortable. And while we understand that Sonali has her own mannerisms where she might try to grab attention by getting intimate with other contestants, that does not allow a host of Salman’s stature to make fun of the woman on national television.

So was his charade of storming out of the show really required? We don’t think so. The audience expects Salman to deal with situation arising from the Bigg Boss house in a much better way than just making foul use of his superstar power.

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